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What our patients say about us

I was not relieved by medicines with two other doctors, for my Liver disease. My neighbour had suffered a similar problem some months ago, and he suggested me to go to Dr. Vijay Kathuria. His treatment is responsible for helping me back on my feet. Me and my family will always regard him.
As new to-be parents, we were concerned about the pregnancy and outcomes. Dr. Ridhi helped me and my husband, cleared all our doubts, guided us through the entire 9 months, diet advise, medicines, routine activity. We had a happy, and safe delivery under her care. Post delivery also, she took care of each aspect of my needs, baby’s care, breastfeeding. We received gifts from the hospital also. Our family is happy with the entire experience.
26 F
Best Hospital and superb doctors, I have been there and experienced the whole process. My patients and I was in a very good state throughout our stay with constant attention from well trained staff and they take care of everything around us.
Shefali Sharma
46 F